Women from the Israel Defence Forces in Maxim magazine

New Israeli public efforts are aimed at making the country known not for the conflict with the Palestinians or the abundance of relics, but for the presence of a large number of beautiful women in uniform. Or, in this case, without uniforms.

Photographs presented in the July issue of the Maxim magazine show a group of Israeli models, the former soldiers shot in a fairly free manner.

This photo session was initiated by the Israeli Consulate in New York, the pictures are titled "Women of the defence forces of Israel." The campaign has been criticized at home, many in Israel consider it "inappropriate".

Such models as Nivit Bash, who served in the Israeli military intelligence, are presented on the pages of "Maxim". Though the only attribute remaining of her army career is a black military hood which perfectly harmonizes with the bikini :-))))))))

The idea originated in the department of media relations of the Israeli Consulate in New York. The research conducted has shown that Israel doesn't mean much for the young American men. "Men of this age have no feelings towards Israel, and in our opinion this is a problem, so we have developed the idea attractive for them," said David Dorfman, adviser to the consulate.

In Israel, this "sexy style" campaign sparked angry reaction from the Knesset member Colette Avital, previously working in the diplomatic service. She was supported by several other politicians.

Well, I'll definitely try to find more info about women in Israel armed forces - specifically some photos. Sexual relationships in the Israel army's also an interesting matter. I mean, army service is obligatory (or something like this) there for people of both genders, and because they are all young, the matter must be declaring itself somehow. On the other hand, this is army we're talking about, and discipline is supposed to be major there.

I'll certainly write about it in the next post.

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